Although a small village, Maketu is a community with several vibrant groups which make it a truly magical place
Guiding our efforts
The Maketu Community Board and the Maketu Projects Team help to identify and implement community goals. 
The Community Board is designated by the district council to identify needs ranging from infrastructure to recreational and beautification.  The Projects Team supports and facilitates the goals of a wide range of volunteer groups.
Caring for our people
The Maketu Fire Brigade and Maketu Coastguard look after our safety.  Staffed by a group of dedicated volunteers, these organisations are recognised as among the best the nation. 
Maketu Health and Social Services cares for the health and welfare of our families.  Their many progammes serve young and old. 
Serving our community
For over a decade the Rotary Club of Maketu has been a driving force in helping build our community. 
In addition to countless hours of hands-on volunteer service, Rotarians have raised thousands of dollars to fund a wide range of community projects.  Among its various fundraising efforts, the Maketu Kaimoana Festival has been a standout success.  In the past decade the festival has raised over $150,000. 
Maketu Rotary also runs the Maketu Market, a monthly community market that provides a social and shopping activity for locals, while raising funds from stallholder fees that go to small community grants.
Looking after the Environment
The Maketu Ongatoro Wetlands Group cares for our environment.  This group looks after the beaches and wetlands that surround Maketu.  They are the guardians who protect the endangered NZ Dotterl which nests on the Maketu Spit, and their many efforts ensure that this magical place will be enjoyed for generations to come.
The Kotukutuku Gully project is a unique environmental project which engaged multiple organisations  to undertake and restore a derelict ravine into a beautiful walkway resplendent with native plants which has invited the return of native birds.
Nurturing our Youth    
The Maketu Primary School has nurtured our youth for over 150 years.  In addition to meeting the core educational needs of our children, the school is a key element in preserving the Maori language and culture that is the foundation of our community. 
The Maketu Surf Lifesaving Club provides our youth with recreational opportunities, wholesome physical activity, and life skills.  Behind this effort lies hours of volunteer adult leadership.